Author of a book about Chechnya seeks asylum in Finland


Pauline Zherebtsova going to publish the new diaries about life in Chechnya

The author published in autumn 2011 the diary of the Chechen war Pauline Zherebtsova left Russia and asked for political asylum in Finland. 26-year-old Russian woman refers to the frequent appearance of the book after threats against the unknown persons who demanded to cease publication.

Zherebtsov Pauline was born in 1985 in Grozny. In the first and second Chechen war, her family remained in the city, and Pauline kept a diary, which records all seen and heard around.

In 2009, the Russian electronic media began to publish excerpts from her documentary evidence, then, according to Pauline, she began to receive threats from unknown first person to stop publication.

In the autumn of 2011 in Moscow publishing house "Detective-press" comes her first book with the records of the events in Chechnya in 1999-2002. In January 2012 Pauline and her husband had left Russia. The author's diaries told BBC Russian Service BBC about the reasons for its decision.

Pauline Zherebtsova: We have just arrived, just three days ago. Now we have issued temporary documents, and said that as soon as the petition will be considered.

BBC B: Were there any specific reason for leaving?

P.ZH.: There were threats that they acted at all times during 2011 and 2010-second period. [...] A very tired we are of these threats and what it gets worse and worse. And a sixth sense, which, probably, to the wars developed a - or a child, I would not have survived there, I suggested the thing to go in and ask for a free democratic country of asylum.

BBC BBC: It is reported that on you with her ??husband in Moscow on January 17, was attacked?

P.ZH.: It's true. My husband and I were walking down the street, I have been with a different article on Chechnya, and documents. Right out of the car pulled a package out of hand, I just fell in the snow. The car jerked up and left. Nearby was her husband and could not do anything. I experienced it a lot, I was shaking.

"I got a call and a voice without an accent said:" If you do not stop writing about Chechnya, then you do not live. '"

Pauline Zherebtsova

Prior to this fall immediately after the book ["The Diary of Zherebtsova Pauline"] husband fell on some of his work, was beaten and threatened. He had to change jobs. We thought that this too shall pass. But the threats continued - and e-mail and by phone.

Once this has happened in the house of a known human rights activist Elena Sannikov. I got a call on a cell phone and the voice of Russian without any accent said about this phrase: "If you do not stop writing about Chechnya, then you do not live."

This is all frustrating because I have got only one book of children's diaries, and there are five books of no less importance. This is a diary of Chechnya in three volumes in 1994, and three volumes of how we have lived in Russia, which faced corruption, lawlessness full of officials, ordinary people in Russia.

Apparently, [the authorities] are not very profitable all these publications, especially before elections.

BBC BBC: Are you going to publish these diaries?

P.ZH.: Of course. And also translated into European languages. In publishing some countries have already expressed their intention to publish them.

BBC BBC: The police treated?

P.ZH.: I was asked many, I contacted the police. But I do think that it is useless. A vivid illustration of this - it [the condemned to 9 years of opposition activists] Taisia ??Osipova, completely fabricated. And so on. That is, I do not see any protection when applying to law enforcement.

BBC BBC: Do you have suggestions, you who threatened and attacked?

"I'm going to plead with Russia, and bring the case to the European Court of Human Rights. I intend to present a bill for Russia that has been denied housing because my grandfather died in a hospital under air attack in 1994, for injury which I got on the Grozny market in rocket attack on the Russian side. "

Pauline Zherebtsova

P.ZH.: Since I have personally attacked the house, it was November 16, 2011, then apparently these people were like right-wing radicals. But I think it is from the secret service people, just masked. [...]

When I was engaged in journalistic activities even in Chechnya in 2003-2004, and wrote about the actions of security forces towards civilians, I was summoned to the FSB, and warned me about what to write, what not. But then there were moving, I abandoned the investigation, and these threats have stopped.

And since it resumed the diary - in 2010, when the movie appeared on the Internet in connection with bombings in the Moscow subway. It someone posing as Doku Umarov, said that the Chechens are not related to the explosions in the subway, blame Putin, the FSB, and excerpts from my diaries, published in the magazine "Big City", cited as evidence of the crimes of the Russian authorities in Chechnya . This video is even shown on TV.

After this threat revived, and is closer to the publication of the book began the attack. [...]

BBC BBC: The Russian government will pay you some compensation for losses incurred during the two Chechen wars?

P.ZH.: Compensation paid to people, but there was such a gangster system that people pay 30-50% of the position of the sum. I do not supposed to, my mother paid some small compensation, which was enough to rent a house in Stavropol for a year. Compensation for the injuries - I have 16 pieces in his legs was - I have not received a single ruble. My mother was also wounded, and received no compensation.

BBC BBC: At whose expense you treated?

P.ZH.: at its own expense. We gave the last thing that we had, is not completely lost their livelihoods and have not begun to lead a life on the edge of survival, because health ruined by wars completely.

I am going to plead with Russia, and bring the case to the European Court of Human Rights. I intend to present a bill for Russia that has been denied housing because my grandfather died in a hospital under air attack Russian troops in 1994, with the wound which I received on the Grozny market in the rocket attack on the Russian side. There was looting by soldiers of the Russian Federation, was shot with an imitation of their own participation, when I was 14 years old. Us with the Russian joke old children were led to the shooting, shooting, however, over their heads. In a quarter of us shot the grandmother and seven-year-girl and other people. That is, we still have good guys got caught.

BBC BBC: You already know what you do if you refuse to Finland in the asylum?

P.ZH.: I'm even thinking about it I do not want! I tune to a positive decision.